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Certified Pool Cleaning Products in Decatur, Illinois

There’s nothing worse than wanting to enjoy a relaxing day in the pool and finding the water green with algae. Often this is due to a lack of chlorine, excess pollen in the air, or overly acidic water. The cure for all three of these issues is usually a pool cleaning product that is of high quality and designed to protect your water from bacteria growth. At Family Home & Patio, we have everything from BAQUACIL’s innovative Pool Care System to ProTeam’s essential testing strips to ensure your above ground pool is ready for the summer.

poolife pool cleaning solutions


POOLIFE® is one of the most innovative pool cleaning solutions on the market. Many pool chemicals recommend hours of waiting time before swimming, but with POOLIFE you can swim in as few as 15 minutes after applying the shock treatment to your pool. POOLIFE also offer a non-foaming algaecide that helps prevent all types of green, black, and yellow algae to make sure you and your family swim safely. Keep your pool sparkling clean with our POOLIFE cleaning solutions.


Now that you’ve applied your POOLIFE and BAQUACIL cleaning solutions to your above ground pool, it’s time to use our ProTeam 6-way Test Strips in order to make sure your pool has the proper level of chemicals. Even though your crystal-clear waters may look inviting, too many chemicals can be harmful to your skin when overexposed, and not enough chemicals can cause bacterial to grow in and on top of the water. Our testing strips give you piece of mind in knowing that your pool water is safe for friends and family to enjoy all summer long!

pro team testing strips and chlorine tabs
baquacil swimming pool systems

BAQUACIL Pool Care System

The BAQUACIL® Pool Care System is a chlorine-free pool cleaning brand that helps to protect your crystal-clear waters from harmful bacteria and algae growth. Whether you have one of our innovative above ground pools or an in-ground that came with the home, BAQUACIL is a perfect choice for an accurate cleaning solution without harmful levels of chlorine. For over 20 years, BAQUACIL has been the number one choice for those with sensitive skin and toddlers. Invest in a brand designed to keep you safe! Call our shop today for more information on how BAQUACIL can benefit your family’s pool.

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Some of the most amazing memories between family and friends are created sitting around a toasty fireplace. At Family Home & Patio we offer a variety of highly rated fireplace brands including Regency, Hearthstone, Mendota, and Empire Comfort Systems that include various features and styles that are perfect for any room in your home. Are you looking for a traditional brick or stone fireplace? How about a modern steel esthetic for your bedroom? We have the top fireplace products in Decatur, IL, call today to learn more about which custom look would best suit your home.