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Quality Outdoor Awnings & Patio Covers in Decatur, IL

A beautiful backyard patio is anything but relaxing on a hot summer day when the sun is burning down on you. Keep your patio cool and shaded with one of our outdoor awnings! At Family Home & Patio we are here to help you turn your backyard space into a relaxing retreat. We have dozens of designs from quality brands like SunSetter, Sundrop, and Sunbrero that can customize your awning design based on your personal preference. Call our store today to speak with a staff member about choosing the perfect awning for your family home.

SunSetter Awnings

SunSetter awnings are the perfect addition to your outdoor patio space. SunSetter is known for creating modern awning designs that help you save energy and cut down on monthly energy costs. Protecting your outdoor furniture and appliances is essential to keeping them in working condition, that’s why SunSetter helps to reduce the temperature on your deck or patio by up to 20 degrees. Having a shaded space in your backyard not only protects your belongings, but it helps shield you and your family from harmful UV rays at any given time of the day. Call to see how you can benefit from one of our SunSetter awnings!

sunsetter awnings sold in decatur il
sunesta awnings for patio comfort


Is your current awning going out of style? Replace it with a modern retractable patio and deck awning from Sunesta®! Sunesta awnings give homeowners the flexibility to cover their outdoor space when having a family barbecue or retract it to enjoy the heat and sun. If you’re unsure of whether you want an awning all year round, you’ll never have to choose with one of our functional Sunesta awnings. Have the best of both worlds at Family Home & Patio! If you have any questions regarding our beautiful Sunesta awnings, call our shop today to speak with a friendly staff member.


Sundrop awnings differ from traditional patio awnings in that they are installed specifically for your windows and doors! Do you have a window in your home that reflects a large amount of sunlight, even when you close the blinds? Sundrop awnings give homeowners the power to choose when they want their home swarmed with sunlight or nicely shaded. These window and door awnings can even help you lower your monthly energy bill as you won’t have to keep the air running as long in a frequently shaded home. Call today and start reaping the benefits of Sundrop awnings from Family Home & Patio.

sundrop awnings
sunbrero awnings


Our Sunbrero™ awnings come in a variety of shapes including traditional rectangular, round, and elongated dome. One of the benefits of owning a Sunbrero awning is the customization that comes with it! If you just can’t find a standard awning model that fits your unique design preferences, build one yourself! Every frame and material are made of corrosion free nylon and durable aluminum with a finish and fabric of your choice. Don’t settle for a traditional awning design, emphasize your family’s style with a modern Sunbrero awning from Family Home & Patio!

Fiesta Patio Canopy

Fiesta® patio canopies offer homeowners a unique and affordable awning design that transforms their outdoor living space. One of the major benefits to Fiesta® canopies is that you can easily install them yourself without paying extra in labor costs. Customize your awning to fit any width and slope sizes based on the angles and length of your home. Choose from over 85 colors to really get a personalized look that will turn your backyard or deck into a perfect entertainment space. At Family Home & Patio we’re here to turn your outdoors into an oasis.

fiesta patio canopy

Don’t forget to ask about our exceptional fireplace products!
We only have a limited supply until they are gone for good!

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Some of the most amazing memories between family and friends are created sitting around a toasty fireplace. At Family Home & Patio we offer a variety of highly rated fireplace brands including Regency, Hearthstone, Mendota, and Empire Comfort Systems that include various features and styles that are perfect for any room in your home. Are you looking for a traditional brick or stone fireplace? How about a modern steel esthetic for your bedroom? We have the top fireplace products in Decatur, IL, call today to learn more about which custom look would best suit your home.