Raised Garden Bed 6'x3'

Brand: Cedar Living
Product Code: RB63
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Price: $369.00

Product Description

Great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. The raised bed allows you easier access to your plants.
33" high perimeter fencing, backed with a screening will keep the dogs and pesky critters away!

Product Features

The Raised Bed Kit Includes:

  • Western Red Cedar Construction
  • Sturdy and Easy to Assemble
  • Front Fence Panels are Hinged and May be Folded Down for Easy Access to Plants and Soil
  • 20" High Growing Beds
  • 33" High Fencing, Backed with Wire Mesh - Keeps out Dogs and Pesky Critters
  • Hardware Included (screws and hinges)
  • Floor Not Necessary With This Kit.

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