At Family Environment Products, Inc. we have been helping homeowners improve their quality of life since 1988.

Our Family Home and Patio division strives to provide additional products and services that improve not only health but provide fun, exercise and entertainment for the whole family. Whether your family chooses one of our spas, pools, plyasystems, a grill or an awning, we will strive to provide the very best products available with fair prices and service after the sale. With the addition of sunrooms, windows, siding and fireplace products we're not only making the home more fun and beautiful but greatly enhancing its efficiency and resale value.

Our success at Family Environment Products is owed to the customers who have put their faith in our business for the past 17 years and we thank them for their continued support. For those of you who are not yet customers we would appreciate the opportunity to show you our products and hopefully make you a satisfied customer.

Our Spring Fresh division has solved water treatment problems for thousands of customers. In 1992, we developed our Waterguard(SM) mixed-bed water softener -- an innovative solution to hard water complicated with iron and organic decay. This softener, even today, is a leading process that eliminates a very real hassle for many homeowners on municipal and private well water sources. Spring Fresh has a solution for any residential drinking water or working water problem - at fair and reasonable prices.



Again, Thank You,

Marry Anne, Lynn & John